Achievements of Mathematics Students in The Event Putra Putri Budaya Indonesia 2022

The event Putra Putri Budaya Indonesia 2022 (PPBI) was successfully held on November 2-7, at the Grand Selera Hotel, Yogyakarta.  This activity was attended by representatives of Putra Putri Budaya from all provinces in Indonesia. This activity became a showcase for the uniqueness and richness of Indonesian culture.

Two representatives of Udayana University students had the opportunity to represent the Province of Bali in the Men's and Women's Indonesian Culture 2022 event this year.  Putra Budaya Bali namely I Putu Candra Arta Wiguna, Mathematics study program class of 2021 and Putri Budaya Bali namely Ni Putu Sugiantari, Mathematics study program class 2020.They are took part in the election until quarantine in Yogyakarta on 2-7 November 2022. The two Udayana University student representatives obtained extraordinary experiences at the 2022 PPBI event.

Their departure certainly produced extraordinary results.  They are made it into the Top 10 Putra Budaya Inonesia 2022 and the Top 10 Putri Budaya Indonesia 2022.  They are have also won the Champion in the 2022 Indonesian Culture event this time.  Men won the Best Talent Men's Culture Indonesia 2022 and Women won the Intelligence Women's Culture Indonesia 2022. And their hope for today's young generation is to be able to preserve and maintain the beauty of culture that is owned by Indonesia.  Digitalization in the current development will not reduce the activities of the younger generation in preserving and maintaining the culture that we have, therefore I would like to invite all of you to protect and preserve the culture that we have.  And never be afraid to try new experiences in any field.