Every year, the Mathematics Study Program and the Mathematics Association (Himatika), Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, Udayana University, has experienced an increase in age since the establishment of the Mathematics Study Program on August 31, 2001 and Himatika on May 27, 2002. Himatika seeks to prepare a day of celebration of the growing age of the Mathematics Study Program and Himatika with an event named "Anniversary Himatika 2022" which held on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

The "Anniversary Himatika 2022" is a form of activity to celebrate the increasing age of Himatika which this year turns 20 years old and commemorates the increasing age of Mathematics Study Program which this year turns 21 years old. The "Anniversary Himatika 2022", this time was held in two places, the opening was held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences Udayana University and the peak celebration as well as the closing of the event held outside the campus, precisely at Bokashi Farm, Jalan Waribang No.27x, Kesiman, Denpasar