Himatika Championship 2023

           As an effort to increase the interest and talents of Udayana University students, especially the Mathematics Study Program, the Mathematics Student Association of the Udayana University Mathematics Study Program formed a work program, namely the Himatika Championship which was held on March 11 and 12 2023 with the theme "Show Your Creativity, Increase The Spirit of Sportivity and Create Solidarity”. Another aim and objective of the Himatika Championship work program are to find superior seeds for Mathematics Study Program Students to compete at the Faculty level with the name of the work program being PORSENI FMIPA. 

        In 2023, Himatika Championship will hold 8 competitions, including Acoustics, Dance Cover, Vocal Solo, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, E-Sports, and Futsal. The five branches of the competition were divided into three locations, Acoustic, Dance Cover, and Vocal Solo a tapping assessment was carried out on March 4 2023 at GF A of the Udayana University Mathematics Campus starting at 08.00 WITA to 20.00 WITA with a judging system by a jury whose results judged no later than March 10, 2023, and later the winner will appear at the opening ceremony of the 2023 Himatika Championship. Then on the first day Badminton and Table Tennis were held at the Wantilan Rangdu Kriya Mandala Kutuh which was accompanied by the opening of the Himatika Championship 2023, the event started at 08.30 WITA to 16.30 WITA, opened by I Wayan Sumarjaya as the Mathematics Study Program Student Advisor, then at 12.30 WITA to 20.30 WITA the Chess and E-Sports competitions are held which are located at the GF Building, Mathematics Campus, Udayana University on the same day. On the second day, March 12, 2023, the Futsal competition will occur at Griya Mumbul, starting on March 12 2023 from 07.00 WITA to 11.45 WITA. Then on the same day from 11.30 WITA to 17.00 WITA the Final E-Sports competition took place and with the awarding of prizes to the winners of the 2023 Himatika Championship. And the event was closed by I Gede Purna Adi Yasa as Chair of the 2023 Mathematics Association.

        The hope from the implementation of the 2023 Himatika Championship activities is to be able to hone skills and channel the talents of Mathematics Study Program students and be able to compete in the PORSENI FMIPA.