Mathematics Student Conference 2022

The Mathematics Student Conference (Musmatika) is one of the work programs under the auspices of the Udayana Mathematics Student Association. MUSMATIKA 2022 is held as a forum used to evaluate, revise, design, and redefine the Statutes and Bylaws (AD/ART) which will later be used as a reference by the new management and all members of HIMATIKA Udayana. In its implementation this year, Musmatika 2022 will also be the place for a new start for the management of the Mathematics Study Program Student Association (HIMATIKA) for the 2022/2023 period, starting with a debate on the candidates for Chair of the Mathematics Study Program Student Association (HIMATIKA) for the 2022/2023 period.

This activity aims to establish friendship among members of HIMATIKA Udayana University, relations between members and alumni, relations between members and members and relations with related parties. evaluate the deficiencies that existed in the previous management, with the hope that this evaluation can be used as a guide so that it does not recur in subsequent management, and choose leaders who have leadership and intellectual abilities in managing the organization so that they always try to continue and develop HIMATIKA's vision and mission within campus life.

Musmatika was held on Saturday, 26 November 2022 starting at 09.00 until it was finished and carried out in a hybrid manner which was attended by the deputy dean for Academic and Planning of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Coordinator of the Mathematics Study Program, the lecturers of the Mathematics Study Program, the management of HIMATIKA Udayana for the 2022 period, and all active students of the Mathematics Study Program. The activity began with the opening ceremony, discussion session and establishment of the 2022 Mustika Rules led by the interim presidium. It was followed by a meeting to discuss and determine the AD/ART for 2022, and closed with a debate on three candidate candidates for the chairmanship of HIMATIKA Udayana for the 2023 period. The candidates for chairman of HIMATIKA Udayana 2022 are I Gede Made Ari Raditya, I Kadek Yudha Pramana Adi, and I Gede Purna Adiputra.