Mathematics Tourism as Developmental Basis of Sustainable Agro-tourism Model in Aan Tourist Village

It is a common understanding that Mathematics is a discipline that is 'very far' from the implementation stages of people's daily lives. In fact, there is an assumption that studying Mathematics at the college level is basically "it's already difficult, but where do you even intend to work after graduating?" Fatal mistakes in understanding Mathematics and its role in various dimensions of life cannot be fully blamed on society; instead it seems to lies on the shoulders of mathematicians, mathematic lovers, and lecturers who are LESS able to harmonize the beautiful concepts of this science with real problems in the real world.
This empirical fact seems to have been taken seriously by the Mathematics Study Program of Udayana University, which has established institutional cooperation with one of the honey bee breeder industries, CV Sari Amerta, which is located in Aan Village, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung Regency.
Concerning the status of Aan Village as one of the 19 Tourist Villages in Klungkung Regency and the potential for honey agriculture in this particular village, lecturers from mathematics undergraduate study program had the opportunity to visit Petapan Park, a leading attraction in this tourist village, in Saturday, July 16, 2022 to discuss more about the Development of Sustainable Agro-tourism Models in Aan Village with a number of stakeholders, including the owner of CV Sari Amerta and the Village Head of Aan Village. A number of researches conducted by lecturers from Mathematics undergraduate study program of Udayana University show that there are serious problems related to the sustainability of tourist villages in Bali. This is the most important topic of discussion between the undergraduate study program lecturers and the stakeholders of Aan Tourist Village, with the aim of making the existence of this tourist village NOT only as a beautiful project on paper, but also as a significant existence that can improve the standard of living in the local community WITHOUT disturbing the socio-cultural and environmental values of the very community itself.
Temporary conclusions from the discussion will soon be followed up in the form of institutional cooperation between the Mathematics undergraduate study program and Aan Tourist Village, as a legal basis for the study program's actual activities in building a Sustainable Agro-tourism Model in Aan Village.

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