Training The Readiness of The Residents of Timuhun Regarding PHBS

Fifty elderly and seven orphans gathered that day at a wantilan in the Timuhun area, Klungkung, Bali. The elderly and children participated in social service activities organized by the Mathematics Student Association of Udayana University. This social service has a different concept from other social services. Novia as the head of the committee in this activity carried a different concept from social services in general. What are the different things? Now the different thing is that there is a small seminar on PHBS (Clean and Healthy Living Behavior), and it is interspersed with games to enliven the event.

This BAKSOS activity is a form of community service carried out by students of the Mathematics Study Program, FMIPA Udayana. As the chairman of BAKSOS, Novia, wants something different from the previous BAKSOS. Therefore, he invited one of the outstanding students of General Medicine, Wira Abdi to deliver material that focuses on clean living behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic. The educational materials provided include how to clean hands when eating,

This social service event was opened by Deputy Dean I for Academic Affairs and Planning, Mr. Gandhiadi. Then this event continued with the presentation of the material. After the presentation of the material by MAWAPRES, then followed by an entertainment event in the form of picture guessing games guided by Desak and Meli, the games ran smoothly and of course it was fun, after playing the games it was continued with the symbolic distribution of groceries by the chairman of the committee (Novia), Secretary Hima, Dwitari and Head of Study Program, Mrs. Ayu Srinadi to the Head of Timuhun Village and continued with the distribution of basic necessities to all present on that day.

The BAKSOS activity on Saturday, July 16, 2022 has a goal, to apply the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in social life, namely community service, making contributions whose benefits can be felt directly by the regions/communities in need. increase the sense of concern for students of the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Udayana and improve their socialization skills with the community.

At the time of distributing basic necessities to the elderly and children in the village of timuhun, happy faces were seen after they received the basic necessities. So that it is in accordance with the theme of BAKSOS this year, namely "Growing Care to Share Happiness".