As an effort to increase students' interest in Mathematics and Statistics, the Mathematics Student Association of the Mathematics Study Program at Udayana University formed a work program, namely the Mathematics and Statistics Competition (KMS) which is held regularly every year since 2002. It was continued in 2017, there was an expansion in this activity by having a Written and Scientific Mathematical Idea Contest which became known as the UDAYANA LOGARITMA.

In 2022, UDAYANA LOGARITMA 2022 will carry out a written and scientific Mathematical idea contest in the form of an Indonesian University-level essay competition as well as a digital poster competition for High School/Vocational High School/Equivalent level and Universities throughout Indonesia. In addition, there will be a Mathematics Competition for Elementary, Middle School, and SMA/SMK/equivalent levels and a Statistics Competition for SMA/SMK/Equivalent levels throughout Bali.

On November 6, 2022, a preliminary round of the Mathematics and Statistics Competition (KMS) was held with SD, SMP, SMA/SMK/Equivalent Mathematics Category, and SMA/SMK/Equivalent Statistics Category throughout Bali which was held in six plots determined, namely the Badung plot is located at Udayana University Mathematics Campus, the Denpasar plot is located at SMAN 4 Denpasar, the Klungkung plot is located at SMAN 1 Semarapura, the Tabanan plot is located at SMAN 1 Tabanan, the Buleleng plot is located at SMAN 1 Singaraja, and the Jembrana plot is located at SMAN 1 Countries with the result that there are a total of 44 people who qualify for the final round.

On October 29-November 15 2022, a national-level Essay and Digital Poster Competition was held to find 5 finalists who would qualify for the final round. The activity continued with the KMS final round and poster and essay competitions, as well as the peak day of the Udayana LOGARITMA 2022 which was held on November 20, 2022, at the Widya Sabha Auditorium Building, Udayana University.

The Udayana LOGARITMA 2022 series of top events began with an opening ceremony which was opened directly by the deputy dean for academic fields of the MIPA faculty and was attended by the Mathematics Study Program coordinator, Mathematics Study Program lecturers, Mathematics and Statistics Competition (KMS) jury and essay competitions and posters, as well as finalists and supervisors of the 2022 Udayana LOGARITMA who had the opportunity to attend offline.

The activity continued with the final round of KMS for all categories which took place in the Widya Sabha Auditorium building, and the presentation of the final essay and poster competitions which were held offline with the presentation system carried out online through the Cisco Webex Meetings application and the assessment was carried out by the jury taking place at the GF Building, Campus Mathematics. After that, the event continued with a coffee break accompanied by performances from active students of the Mathematics Study Program and ended with the announcement of KMS winners, essay competitions, and digital poster competitions.

The hope from the implementation of the UDAYANA LOGARITMA 2022 activity is to be able to produce young people who have a competitive spirit have accurate and critical problem-solving abilities, especially in the fields of Mathematics and Statistics as an essential provision in this era of rapid globalization.